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Antonia is brilliant! I am in my mid 50’s and was very skeptical about having Anti-wrinkle injections especially knowing that I could always tell when others had had the procedure. Antonia has been treating my deep frown lines for over a year now with great success. My family and friends have not noticed, only commenting that I look more relaxed...- Rosemary Antonios
I have always received excellent treatments from Antonia, the consideration of my needs and the quality of her communication has always met my expectations. Antonia is extremely professional and with her years of experience she provided me with a total face assessment so that I could discuss what I wanted to revitalise,...- Melissa Egan
Antonia is both caring and an extremely competent nurse. I am a friend and a theatre sister who has worked with Antonia in a hospital for 20 years. When I first heard Antonia was doing cosmetic injecting I instantly told her that if she was doing the injecting I would be happy to try the procedures. I had previously been worried about the needles...- Geraldine Turner
I am in my early 20’s and believe that Antonia makes my lips look perfect. I do part time modelling and always feel Antonia makes me look and feel my best.- Tameka